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European Wholefish Imports Up Over 90% Year-To-Date From Norway and Scotland 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Janice Schreiber - March 6, 2018

European wholefish imports up over 90% year-to-date from Norway and Scotland. One of the themes in the fresh wholefish category for 2017 was the increase in imports from Europe. Norway ended the year with a 97.7 percent increase year-to-date and...

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Alaska Sen. Sullivan Schedules Next Magnuson-Stevens Hearing for Sept. 12

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Susan Chambers - September 8, 2017

Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, is continuing his series of hearings regarding reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, with another one scheduled for next week in Washington, D.C.

Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation member Sullivan, chairman of the Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard, will convene the hearing, “Reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act: Oversight of Fisheries Management Successes and Challenges” at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 12, in Room 253 of ...

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Japanese Supermarkets Seafood Sales Drop in June on Rumors of Food Poisoning Due to Parasite

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Japan Reports] - August 4, 2017

Sales of seafood at Japan's supermarkets in June fell 2.3% from a year before.

The setback is blamed on the impact of reports on possible food poisoning by anisakis, a genus of parasitic nematodes, which have lifecycles involving fish and marine mammals, the Japan Chain Store Association said on July 24.

The conspicuous decline was observed in sashimi products, including assorted merchandise, but the slump in sales expanded to other seafood products such as pickled and prepared fish food and also ...

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Many Consumers Turn to the Expertise of Restaurants to Get Seafood into Their Diets

Majority of U.S. Consumers Don’t Eat The Recommended Amount of Fish or Seafood


The health benefits of eating seafood are well-documented but many consumers lack the confidence to select the right seafood and prepare it at home, which is why many consumers turn to restaurants. Shellfish, which tends to be more costly and therefore to some consumers riskier to prepare at home, appear to be the seafood of choice when dining out, reports The NPD Group, a leading global information company.

Case shipments of shrimp, lobster, and other crustaceans shipped by broadline distributors to independent and small chain...

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Seafood Champion Awards Announced in Seattle During 2017 SeaWeb Summit

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] June 6, 2017

The Seafood Champion Awards were announced in Seattle this week during the 2017 SeaWeb Summit.

The annual Seafood Champion Awards recognize individuals and organizations for excellence in promoting ocean health and responsible practices with honors in four categories: leadership, innovation, vision and advocacy.

 “The 2017 Seafood Champions demonstrate that courage and creativity can drive progress on seafood sustainability worldwide,” said Mark Spalding, president of SeaWeb and The Ocean Foundation...

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Hema Expands Fresh Retail/Restaurant Concept in China Merchandising Online Seafood; Plans 50 Stores in Chengdu 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Sichuan] translated by Amy Zhong - August 24, 2017.

The Hema store in Shanghai attracted a lot of public attention last month with the arrival of Jack Ma, a renowned businessman in China and founder of Alibaba. After his tour around the store, Ma enjoyed fresh food such as crayfish, king crab and lobsters, which were cooked in the store.

According to some sources, Hema is wholly invested by Alibaba and is trying a new retailing mode. It serves as a supermarket that provides various fresh food and also a restaurant where consumers can have their selected ...

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ANALYSIS: Chilean Salmon Fillets Adjust Lower Again; Supply Looks to be Increasing 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Urner Barry] Janice Schreiber - July 12, 2017

The Chilean salmon fillet market continued to trend lower yesterday. Supplies range fully adequate to ample in the spot market coupled with a seasonally lackluster demand period. Downward pricing pressure is being felt not only from other origins of farmed salmon (i.e. Canada and Europe) but also from the growing supply of wild salmon; especially sockeyes.

Additionally, market participants report that the volumes available out of Chile will continue ...

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Thai Union, Bumble Bee Among 50 Companies to Sign Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration in New York 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - June 6, 2017

Fifty major seafood companies, five governments and nineteen NGOs committed to the Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration in New York this week.

The Declaration lists four key provisions that the companies, countries and organizations will take to ensure the sustainable harvesting of the world’s tuna stocks.

The agreement assures that the participating companies will create fully traceable supply chains all the way back to the vessels...

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Sea to Table Expands Seafood Delivery Service Directly to Consumers

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] May 25, 2017

Sea to Table is now delivering locally sourced seafood directly to consumers at home. This is an expansion of Sea to Table’s business model that has been delivering fresh, locally sourced fish to commercial kitchens across the US for eight years.   

“We care about the fish you eat, and want Americans to be able to trust the fish they buy,” said Sea to Table co-founder Sean Dimin. “That's why we are creating the national gold standard for the seafood supply chain. We go to great lengths to make sure we can trace where our fish comes from, and work with fishermen on every U.S. coast who we know and trust.”

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