Tue. Mar 19 2019

In a Well-Designed Study, MSC Finds Labeling Fraud Rates of Less Than 1%

Pebble Dam Breach Modeled, Comments Open to May 31

Seafood Importers Support Measures to Save the Vaquita

Push to Standardize Traceability Efforts Launched by Retailers and International Seafood Companies

Slade Gorton Launches ICYBAY Iceland Retail Bag Line at Boston Seafood Show

FishWise Releases RISE, a Labor Rights Roadmap for Seafood Businesses

Fishermen Identify Projects to Improve Fisheries Development in the U.S. Pacific Islands

Stolt Sea Farm Expands European Production for Turbot and Sole

Global Aquaculture Alliance Launches Aquademia Podcast at Boston Seafood Show

SENA 2019: Corbion Teams Up With Celebrity Chef Sammy Monsour for Short Film on Algae-Fed Salmon  

Salmon Sisters Donating 1% of All Sales to Food Bank of Alaska

Two New Trustees Named Int’l Pole and Line Foundation

Coastal Villages Sets 2019 Budget for Community Benefits at Over $18 Million

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, March 19

Mon. Mar 18 2019

Legal Seafoods and CP Foods to Introduce Legal Branded Shrimp Products for National Distribution  

LISTEN: The Boston Seafood Show Podcast Episode!

Low Prices Overshadow China's White Shrimp Industry  

SENA 2019: Seafood Champion Awards Finalists Announced at Boston Seafood Show

Change Is in the Air: Western Pacific SSC Suggests New Approaches for Suite of Issues  

Chilean Salmon Marketing Council Introduces 'Promise of Patagonia' Campaign for US  

China Overtakes Japan as Alaska's Largest Seafood Importer  

CleanFish Brings First ‘Green Rated’ Marine-Farmed Atlantic Salmon to Boston Seafood Show  

Russian Fish Company Launches Branded Single Frozen Pollock Fillets in Russian Supermarkets  

Nielsen Study Finds Consumers Care Most About Buying Local

Tristan International Granted Exploratory Fishing Permits in Ecuador for Patagonian Toothfish  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, March 18

Fri. Mar 15 2019

Vietnamese Shrimp Producers Worry about Loss of Competitiveness in Face of Thailand, India  

ISSF’s Scientist Advisors Reflect on a Decade of Discovery

VIDEO: Get Ready for Seafood Expo North America

Samuels And Son Seafood Announces Multi State Expansion, New Products Ahead of Boston Seafood Show

Antarctic Salmon Brand Sixty South Building New Hatchery  

BioMar Buys Stake of JV Partner AquaChile in APSA Factory

The Fish Shoppe Becomes 1st Australian Seafood Retailer With MSC Chain of Custody Certification

Argis Galac’sea Changes Name to Argisfood After Acquisition By Seafoodia Group

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, March 15

Thu. Mar 14 2019

E&E Foods to Purchase APICDA’s Cannon Fish Company

Trident Seafoods Launching 10g Protein Noodles at Boston Seafood Show  

Nueva Pescanova Presents its Work in Namibia With “The City Born from the Sea”

FDA Makes Menu Labeling Resources Available to Consumers During National Nutrition Month

Bakkafrost Releases Second Healthy Living Sustainability Report for 2018  

Dolphin Calf Swimming Freely After Rescue Team Steps In

GAA Combating CBC Exposé on Shrimp, Antimicrobial Resistance  

U.S. Perceptions Vary on Wild Vs. Fresh/Salt Water Fish Farms

National Seafood Inspection Laboratory Develops Tool to Screen for Mislabeling

Coast Guard Rescues 2 Crewmembers from Sinking Vessel Near Fishers Island, New York

U.S. Attorney’s Office Sells Shrimp Boat Seized After Fraud Conviction  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, March 14

Wed. Mar 13 2019

Pacific Halibut Season Opens in Favorable Market: Inventories Down and Quotas Up  

Outlook Better as Massachusetts Tries a 3rd Time to Get Lobster Processing Bill Through Legislature  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, March 13

Niceland Seafood Working to Fight Seafood Fraud and Educate Consumers

DFO Will not Appeal Court Decision on PRV Testing, Still Reviewing Policy

Captain D’s Signs 2 New Franchise Development Agreements in Florida

Australia’s Seafood Industry Welcomes Sustainable Seafood Week

Alibaba Group’s Shanghai Win-Chain to Aid Thai Union in Promoting Brand to Chinese Consumers

IKEA Canada Adds Sustainable Salmon Balls to Restaurant Menus  

Area 2A Halibut Opener Will Likely Return to One Day This Year  

Seafood Scotland Looking to Expand Opportunities in North America At Boston Seafood Show  

Stavis Seafoods Launches SeaTru Lifestyle Seafood Brand Ahead of Boston Seafood Expo  

PFMC Approves Salmon Season Alternatives for Public Review; Oregon Opens April 20  

Russia Hopes To Set New Record for Pacific Salmon Catch in 2019  

ANALYSIS: Shrimp Imports Set Another Record Driven By Peeled  

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Univ. of Texas Finds Gulf Fish Spawning Not Impacted by Hurricanes

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] by John Sackton – November 8, 2018

New research published by the University of Texas marine science institute has found that the major hurricanes that have been hitting the Gulf of Mexico do not disrupt fish spawning patterns.

Christopher Biggs and a team of scientists from the University of Texas Marine Science Institute (and the University of Florida discovered that spotted seatrout kept spawning in late August 2017, even as the eye of Hurricane Harvey passed overhead, bringing with it windspeeds of up to 134 miles per hour and a storm surge of 8-10 feet....

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