Mon. May 20 2019

The Winding Glass: Is the Seafood Industry Awash in Corruption?   

LISTEN: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Obsessed; Dolphin-Safe Tuna Suit; and More!  

Copper River Opener Sees Encouraging Start to 2019 Run

Russian Fish Harvests Level Off, Decrease After Years of Consecutive Growth  

Anchorage Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against BBRSDA’s Anti-Pebble Activities

Rising Demand, Unstable Supply Force China to Start Processing More Basa  

First Wild Copper River Salmon Delivered to Seattle by Alaska Air Cargo  

Shenzhen Customs Seizes 732 kg of Smuggled Geoducks from the U.S.  

VIDEO: Urner Barry Staff Taste Test Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster Summary Monday, May 20

Fri. May 17 2019

Vietnam Takes Advantage of U.S.-China Trade War  

Alaskans Enjoy the Journey of the First Copper River Salmon of the Year  

VIDEO: Cheddar Bay Biscuits; DFO Closes Fishing Areas; Consumers Sue Canned Tuna Companies  

Frankenfish Name Embraced by Makers, Updates

Trident Seafoods' Dan Murphy Joins Seafood Nutrition Partnership's Board of Directors

New Season of "Chef's A' Field: Good Catch" to Feature Sustainable Seafood   

Fisheries Debate Over Marine Parks Heats Up On Eve of Australia’s General Election

Captain D's Reopens Corporate-Owned Tennessee Location A Little Over Year After Fire Summary Friday, May 17

Thu. May 16 2019

U.S. Department of Transportation Suspends Air Service to and from Venezuela  

DFO Temporarily Closes Fishing Areas Due to Presence of North Atlantic Right Whales  

Alaska’s Bear-Viewing Industry Threatened by Pebble Mine

Economic Reports Show Seafood, Transportation Industries Contribute Billions to Northwest Economy

Bipartisan Group in Senate Introduce Bill to Restore Funding to Fishing Safety Training Grants

Crab House Trading Corp. Recalls Over 36,000 Pounds of Frozen Siluriformes Products  

Legal Seafoods, Lobster Gram Named 'Best of 2019' By

Seven Seas International USA Recalls Biltmore Smoked Salmon Due to Possible Health Risk  

Florida Stone Crabbers Experienced Crustacean Frustration This Season. They Say Red Tide is to Blame  

Benchmark's New Land-Based Salmon Egg Production Facility to Open Next Week Summary Thursday, May 16

Wed. May 15 2019

Consumers Sue Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea and StarKist Over 'Dolphin-Safe' Claims  

New Rules to Protect Chinook Salmon in Fraser and Avoid "Path to Extinction"

ANALYSIS: Tariffs High, Inventory Holdings Low  

Alec Brindle Leaves Legacy of Leadership and Philanthropy

Sea Delight Joins NFI's Crab Council, Red Crab Council

Op-Ed: Murkowski's Lack of Oversight on Pebble

Pebble Mine vs. Salmon Fishermen Gets Heard in Court, No Judgment Yet  

Florida Stone Crab Season to Close on Thursday  

Italian National Pleads Guilty After Attempting to Traffic Cocaine on Fishing Vessels

Red Lobster Launches Cheddar Bay Biscuits Sweepstakes in Honor of National Biscuit Day Summary Wednesday, May 15

Tue. May 14 2019

A View from the Top of the World: Interview with Salmon Group CEO- Women in Food and Agriculture

ANALYSIS: Record Spread Continues Between 5-8 and 8-up Canadian Snow Crab  

Russia’s RRPK Developing Major Fish Processing Assets in the North  

China’s Closed Fishing Season Having Unignorable Ripple Effect  

McDonald's Adds Fish & Chips to Canadian Menus for Limited Time Summary Tuesday, May 14

Canned Seafood Supplier Ocean Brands Becomes a Certified B Corporation

Norway Royal Salmon Investing USD 80 Million in Offshore Fish Farm

Mowi's Scotland Aqua Feed Plant Set to Start Trial Production This Month  

Increasing Acidity in Oceans Mean Bad News for Pink Salmon  

Mon. May 13 2019 Summary Monday, May 13

Alaska Crabbers saw good recruitment on Red King and Snow Crab, Expect Strong Settlement Prices

Bellingham Wants to Keep Working Waterfront Alive After Reclaiming Fairhaven Shipyard Property

Snow Crab Prices Continue to Adjust Lower, with Urner Barry Quotes on 5-8 Falling Below $8.00  

Two Alaska Fishing Vessels Sink With No Lives Lost, Thanks to Skipper and Crew Safety Awareness

Battle Lines are Drawn: Dunleavy Administration Supports Pebble Mine Against BBRSDA

New China Tariffs Don’t Include Additional Taxes on US Seafood Exports

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Animals Burned in California Camp Fire Being Treated with Tilapia Skin

Veterinarians in California are once again using fish skin to treat animals with burn wounds.

The University of California, Davis, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital announced earlier this week that they are working with VCA Valley Oak veterinarians to treat animals who suffered from burns in the Camp Fire, California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire to date. So far four dogs and four cats have had their burns treated with sterilized tilapia skin.

“We’re trying to change burn care for animals,” explained Jamie Peyton, chief of the Integrative Medicine Service...


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