Fri. May 24 2019

Over 50% of Gulf Snow Crab has been landed; Newfoundland at 66%  

Oceana Highlights Long Term Benefits of Rebuilt Northern Cod Fishery as DFO Readies Quota Call  

Third Period on Copper River Opens Long-Closed Chinook Areas

California Opens Rock Crab Fishery in Area Near Eureka  

Wild Alaska Pollock Groups Laud Partnerships Behind Sustainability Success Story

SeafoodNews Closed on Monday, May 27

VIDEO: Seafood Plant Reopening; Crab Meat Tariffs; Sea Delight Acquires Bonamar; Blue Apron Grilling  

Fishing Captain Sentenced for Unlawful Discharge of Pollutant After Reality TV Cameras Capture Video

CDC: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Frozen Ground Tuna Appears to Be Over  

Congressman Don Young Takes Aim at Offshore Fish Farms

Fisheries Council of Canada Launches CANfish, New Annual Magazine

FISH-NL Takes A Stand Against Proposal to Grant Labrador Harvesters 25% of Northern Cod Quotas Summary Friday, May 24

Thu. May 23 2019

New Group Opening Former National Fish Plant in Gloucester, Will Work to Restart Matlaw’s Clam Brand

Seattle Port Would Sink Without Alaska's Fisheries

Salmon Abundance Declines in North Pacific, Catches Near All-Time Highs  

Russia Plans to Increase its Pelagic Fishing Operations This Year  

Sea Delight Acquires Bonamar's Brands and Trademarks  

China Contributes to Clearwater’s Higher Profits in the First Quarter This Year  

Sanford CEO Volker Kuntzsch Says Interim Results Satisfactory, Despite Challenges of Past Year

Trident Accepts FABI Award at National Restaurant Association Show for 10g Protein Noodles  

Egigik Salmon Cannery Santaska, Formerly Wards Cove, Now For Sale

FDA Launches Menu Labeling Social Media Toolkit

Georgia DNR Set to Open Shrimp Season, Close Oyster Harvest  

Canadian Government Providing Emergency Financial Assistance to Fish Harvesters Affected by Ice

Canada Partners with Global Fishing Watch to Continue Fight Against IUU Fishing

Captain D's Finds Exclusive Beverage Provider in PepsiCola Summary Thursday, May 23

Wed. May 22 2019

ANALYSIS: Chinese Tariff's Impact on Red Swimming Crab Meat Market  

New Trawl Gear Delivering Higher Quality Catch is Approved in New Zealand

Consolidated Catfish to Take Over SouthFresh Alabama Plant, Keep it Operating  

MLMC Launches New Content Hub to Support Maine Lobster Distributors and Retailers  

South African Fisheries Scientist Awarded Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun  

UFA Hires Scott Kelley, Former ADF&G CommFish Director, as Executive Administrator

China: LDC-Haid JV Starts Work on Tianjin Aqua Feed Mill Summary Wednesday, May 22

Tue. May 21 2019

Newfoundland Crab Price Panel Lowers Price to $4.90 After Processors Appeal for Reconsideration  

Adak Groups, NOAA, and Secretary of Commerce Ross Appeal Decision to Rescind Amendment 113

Mary B II Hearing on Capsizing Incident Wraps Up in Newport, Oregon  

AAP Report Gives Pediatricians Data on Benefits of Increased Fish Consumption for Children

Oregon Shrimpers May Look to State for Oversight as Partial Strike Continues  

How AquaMaof is Setting Up Aquaculture Companies for Success

Shrimp Featured in Meal Kit Company Blue Apron's First Grilling Box  

Captain D's Opens 26th Restaurant in North Carolina Summary Tuesday, May 21

Mon. May 20 2019

The Winding Glass: Is the Seafood Industry Awash in Corruption?   

LISTEN: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Obsessed; Dolphin-Safe Tuna Suit; and More!  

Copper River Opener Sees Encouraging Start to 2019 Run

Russian Fish Harvests Level Off, Decrease After Years of Consecutive Growth  

Anchorage Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against BBRSDA’s Anti-Pebble Activities

Rising Demand, Unstable Supply Force China to Start Processing More Basa  

First Wild Copper River Salmon Delivered to Seattle by Alaska Air Cargo  

Shenzhen Customs Seizes 732 kg of Smuggled Geoducks from the U.S. Summary Monday, May 20

VIDEO: Urner Barry Staff Taste Test Vinalhaven Smoked Lobster  

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News Summary March 11, 2019 
Today's Main Story: FDA Allows AquaBounty GM Salmon to go on Sale in US

On Friday, the FDA lifted an import restriction that prohibited AquaBounty from bringing genetically engineered salmon eggs into the US. As a result, AquaBounty will now stock their Indiana grow out facility, and have regulatory approval to sell the genetically modified fish. The FDA says that the labeling law Congress enacted, which allows such items as just a bar code, is sufficient consumer labeling to allow the project to go ahead. In 2015 FDA found no health of safety issues with AquaBounty Salmon ...

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