Fri. Mar 5 2021

Alaska Fishing Seasons Begin in the Second Year of COVID — Here’s What to Expect  

ANALYSIS: Octopus Prices Firm Amid Supply Issues  

VIDEO: EPA Fines Processor; Ocean Choice Vessel Sinks; Scallop Supply Retreating; Arby’s Fish Check

Alaska Fish Radio: Pacific Halibut Fishery Opens on Saturday  

BioMar Credits Salmon Division for Positive 2020 Financial Results

Tesco Moves to Seascape Tuna Sourcing Approach to Boost Marine Sustainability  

NOAA Proposes Revised Specifications For 2021 Atlantic Spiny Dogfish Fishery Summary Friday, March 5

Thu. Mar 4 2021

The Winding Glass: Harvesters lost money in 2020. Can they make it up this year?

ASMI and McKinley Research Launch Surveys Today to Quantify COVID’s Impacts on Alaska Seafood

West Coast Seafood Processors 'Cautiously Hopeful' for the Remainder of 2021

Thai Union Aims for 100% Tuna Supply Chain Transparency by 2025 in New Pledge  

Skretting Invests $6 Million in New Ecuador Shrimp Research Facility  

Alaksa Fish Radio: Fishermen Asked to Identify Top Technology Priorities

Science Center for Marine Fisheries Approves $100,000 in Grants for 2021 Research Projects Summary Thursday, March 4

Wed. Mar 3 2021

Scandies Rose Hearing: Harrowing Account of Helicopter Rescue of Two Survivors by USCG Pilot

Ocean Choice’s Offshore Fishing Vessel “Succumbs To Damages,” Sinks Following Fire

The Day We've All Been Waiting For—Insights is Now LIVE!

Abalone Wows Onlookers with Recent Performance in Chinese Market  

Commentary: Swap Pebble Land to Feds for a 12-Mile Seaward Boundary, a Win-Win for Alaska

Alaksa Fish Radio: COVID Funds Open for AK Applicants; Deadline Date Confusion

BioMar Enters Partnership in Vietnam Shrimp Sector  

Second North Atlantic Right Whale Death Observed in U.S. Waters in 2021

Norwegian Seafood Export Value Dips in February Despite Uptick in Salmon Export Volume

NaturalShrimp Ramps Up Production at Texas and Iowa Facilities

Blackline Cold Storage Building New Facility at the Port of Houston

France: Le Gouessant Acquires Aqua Feed Supplier Aqualia  

Coast Guard Responds to Diesel Fuel Discharge After F/V Sinks Near Sitka Summary Wednesday, March 3

Tue. Mar 2 2021

EPA Hits Washington Seafood Processor With $100k Fine for Violating Clean Water Act

Stavis Seafoods Promotes Three Employees to Director Positions

Russia Ready to Increase Pollock Catch During Next Fishing Season  

FedEx Highlights Wild Alaskan Company In New Digital Ad

New England Aquarium Wants NOAA To Reduce Risk of Whale Entanglements By At Least 80%, Not 60%

JAPAN: January Marine Product Exports Increase 60% For Frozen Yellowtail Fillets; Scallops Decrease  

Alaska Fish Radio: Doubled Up Fish Board Meetings Gets Push-Back From Fishermen

Australis Named Worlds First to be Certified by ASC’s Tropical Marine Finfish Standard

EDF Launches “Portraits of Change” on Fishermen and Climate Change at World Ocean Summit

Loryma Develops Vegan Wheat-based Fish Alternative

BAP Updates Farm Standard Featuring New Antimicrobial, Social Accountability Requirements Summary Tuesday, March 2

Maine 2021 Elver Season To Be Conducted In Same Manner as 2020 Due to COVID  

Mon. Mar 1 2021

F/V Scandies Rose Hearing Focused on Sinking but Also Industry Practices and Culture Summary Monday, March 1

PODCAST: Industry Faces Logistical Issues; USDA & FDA Comment on COVID Origins and More

MSC Implements Temporary Measures as COVID-19 Continues to Impact Assessment Process

UK Retailer Morrisons Acquires Cornwall-based Wholesaler Falfish

Woman Medically Evacuated from American Triumph near Cold Bay, Alaska

Bareburger Adds Good Catch’s Fish-Free Burger to their Menu For Limited Time

Cargill Launches Seafood ‘SeaFurther’ Sustainability Initiative

States, Fishermen Form Salmon Season Options Ahead of PFMC Meeting  

NOAA Wants Input on Programmatic EIS for Saltonstall-Kennedy Program

JAPAN: In January Imports, Chilean Coho up 20%, Norwegian Mackerel Increased 70%  

Arby’s Sent Out $3.79 Checks to Encourage People to Buy Their Crispy Fish Sandwich  

Eating Seafood Reduces Risk of Premature Birth, Thanks to Omega 3s

National Restaurant Association Cancels 2021 Show

Urner Barry Now Offering Plant Protein Market Coverage

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A Look at the Pandemic’s Impact on Restaurant Jobs in 2020

The National Restaurant Association provided a look at how the coronavirus pandemic impacted employment at eating and drinking places throughout 2020.

Overall, the restaurant and foodservice sector was expected to provide 15.6 million jobs in 2020, accounting for 10% of payroll jobs in the economy. Those numbers would take a turn for the worst as the pandemic began in March.

Starting in March, millions of people were left without work as lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were implemented, leading to mass layoffs and furloughs...

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